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Why JDC?
For the past two decades, the office systems furniture industry has found a thriving market. Companies like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth, as well as several other quality of manufacturers, are known for making a superior products that last. Yet while the nuts and bolts of these products might endure indefinitely, office needs and styles change.
When office needs change, there is no need to start from scratch though. Just because you feel your fabric design is outdated, or your work area needs to change to facilitate a better environment because of growth, reorganization, a move, or even downsizing, these are not reasons to go shopping for a whole new office.

Explore how J D C can save you time and money.
We are manufacturers, refurbishers and space planners of office systems furniture and high-density shelving systems. We are a growing company started in 1982, as a systems furniture installation company, we have grown and changed every year since. Some of the things we used to do have lead us into new products and services.