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The Mobility Master - Mobile-media

Introducing the Mobile Media series of audio visual support carts.
We would like to present to you what we believe it is the finest cart design in the world. This product series is a cross between office systems furniture and a standard cart. This system of adjustable components is the most versatile AV cart system made.

The Presentation Series is a buildup revolving around the use of a portable projection system. Presenters will find this a system superior to any other product on the market because it can be tailored for any special need. Surfaces can be installed at different heights with different accessories attached. You may also specify different heights for the projector itself because the projector is mounted on an arm which is ordered to length based upon your needs. Research has shown that individual buildings have individual heights for their projection screens.

The Utility Series is a build up revolving around of the use of audio gear. The user is able to have a great deal of flexibility in both the use and storage of audio systems. We are able to neatly organized wireless Mike's, cords, speakers, stands and the rest of those parts needed for an audio system and still be mounted the cart.